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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

First weekend

We had a great weekend.  Henry continues to enjoy being at home, and Meade and I continue to get better at being parents.  At this rate, we should have parenting perfected in a matter of decades. 

Henry had two appointments today: one with the opthamologist and one with the pediatrician.  The opthamologist appointment was disheartening in that the spot on his left fovea remains dark.  This means that it is healing slowly, indicating that scarring is likely.  Depending upon the degree of scarring, the center of his vision in the left eye may be affected in a way that could not be helped with corrective lenses.  Once again, this is not something that can be fixed with medical intervention.  We simply have to let Henry's body do its work.  We have a followup appointment in three weeks to monitor this situation.

I am cautiously offering forth this next bit of good news.  The pediatrician used a tongue depressor to cause what appeared to all of us to be a strong gag reflex followed by a healthy cough.  Keep in mind that our pediatrician is not trained to delve into Henry's throat with her finger to verify that the full reflex is operational.  However, she identified his reaction as a gag, and Meade and I agreed that it was strongest response to such stimuli that we have observed.  Suddenly, the January 5 visit from a speech pathologist seems too far away.  We will scour Chicago for a therapist working on Christmas Eve.  

OK, time for photos.

How could the Steelers lose with such a cute fan?





Cookie party


Looking cute


Family pictures











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PenJames said...

Wow, how much he's changed in such a short time! He is as gorgeous as ever. I have my fingers crossed you can find a speech pathologist tomorrow and get a confirmed gag so he can move towards breastfeeding. What a great day that will be.

We are only a few hours off Christmas Day here so I'll get in early and wish all of you a wonderful Christmas full of love and the joy of being together.

P,J,L,I x