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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 7

Henry has eyes!  We suspected that there were some eyes under those swollen lids, but today we finally saw proof.  The swelling in his face is much reduced, so that likely facilitated his new ventures into observing the world.  

Here is an overview of Henry's accomplishments for today:
- His milk intake has doubled to 20mL every three hours.
- His head circumference is unchanged from the previous two days.  In fact, it used to be 38.0, now it's 38.00.  I'm not sure what prompted the addition of a significant digit.
- He had an appointment with an occupational therapist.  Although he isn't quite ready to begin child labor, his muscular development and coordination are on par for an infant who does not have brain damage but does have a lot of phenobarbitol in his system.  

Upcoming for Henry tomorrow:
- He will receive the cranial ultrasound to give us a baseline view of the amount and location of blood in his ventricles.  Subsequent ultrasounds will be compared to this to monitor his progress in removing the blood.
- He will be evaluated by the swallow team to see if he is ready to drink from a bottle.  

And everyone's favorite part of the blog, the pictures:

Henry's first friend, a Gecko from Isabella


Yes, he has eyes








Being held 






Angela said...

This is the highlight of my day, you guys... I'm so thrilled to hear about his daily progress. It is so exciting that he is able to finally see his mommy and daddy.

PenJames said...

And what beautiful eyes they are. Good luck for all your tests tomorrow Henry... go get 'em!

Nilsa said...

You two put a huge smile on my face with this update. It's amazing to watch Henry's progress! I might have mentioned you guys on my blog (oh yeah, I have one in case you didn't know) ... so, don't be surprised if you have random visitors from time to time. Go Henry!

daveknapik said...

I was so worried about little Hank at first, but now I'm so happy to hear that he's coming along brilliantly! I wish I were in Chicago to visit the little man (and his lovely parents), but know that we're thinking of you from across the pond.

golfguy1991 said...

Meade and Sean, we have fallen in love with Hank and are so happy to see his progress. He is in our prayers.

Sue and Jim Doyle

Adele and Bryan Carter said...

Dear Henry Hank, You are just precious and we love reading your updates nightly! Couldn't have asked for a better surprise than seeing your eyes!!

PS-Mom, you look FANTASTIC!!!!!

Love and many hugs to all,
Adele and Bryan

icky said...

He's looking great! How lucky Henry is to have such wonderful parents and friends. May the gecko bring good luck on all the tests tomorrow. ;)
thinking about you all-

wjones7412 said...

Thinking about you guys all the time.