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Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 20

Henry passed his hearing screening last night. The neonatologist was happy about this – auditory processing could have been affected by his injury. 

We were all business today.  Henry had appointments with the speech and occupational therapists and the developmental psychologist while we worked to rectify insurance issues and set up pediatric appointments.  

Tomorrow will be even busier.  Henry will have an eye exam, a visit with the neurologist, and final sessions with the speech and occupational therapists.  Meade and I (and probably Meade's parents) will undergo training to use the apnea monitor.  We also need to learn how to accurately measure Henry's seizure medicine.  After tomorrow, we should just about be to the bottom of the TODO list for bringing the little guy home.  

At the end of the day, Gramma Judy practiced inserting his feeding tube, and Uncle Ross got to hold him for the first time (after many visits to look through the bars of baby jail).

We also bid farewell to one of our favorite nurses, Vicki.  She has been Henry's primary daytime nurse, and she is getting a couple of days off.  







PenJames said...

Wow, so many appointments! But I guess the more you can figure out before you are at home the better. Yay on the hearing test.

(Non-Henry-related... Meade the kids are just *loving* the Advent calendar this year. Not a day goes by without their reminding me about it!)


Angela said...

Very awesome, you guys.

btw, Isabella is also loving her advent calendar, but it's already almost emptied. Isabella was practicing her sharing skills and offered the day's chocolate to our neighbor's (crazy Ray) 4 year old daughter. His daughter secretly ate the next 6 days!

Marcy said...

Good Luck with today's exams. Hank is looking comfortable in this world now.

Mike said...

Great to read that things are making good progress toward getting Hank home. Veery good news about hearing. We wish you all the best with the challenges ahead of you. Looking forward to seeing Hank!

Mike and Jean

William said...

Glad that Henry's hearing checked out. He looks like he is praying for the nurse!