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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 16

Today we began preparing to bring Henry home.  Henry will most likely be discharged this Wednesday.  Our preparation primarily involves learning how to manage his feeding tube and apnea monitor.  The monitor is not a big deal, just a strap around his chest to monitor breathing and heart rate.  He'll only need to wear it when he is eating or out of our sight.  

Inserting, removing, and checking the placement of the feeding tube, while not fun, is also not terribly difficult.  We have been participating in feeding him for a couple of weeks, and Meade inserted a new feeding tube today.  She did a great job.  The insertion doesn't seem to hurt him, but it does elicit a series of coughs and sneezes.  We find some comfort in any reaction that he has, even if it signals displeasure.  The best part of removing the feeding tube is that we get to see Henry's unobstructed beautiful face. 

We are also now quite busy trying to arrange for the care that he needs after we leave the hospital.  Many people are willing to help us with certain aspects of this, but we need to assemble the master plan ourselves.  

Henry had a great day.  He enjoyed getting to spend a few quiet hours in the arms of his grandparents.

Photos from today



PenJames said...

He is still beautiful. And we are still sending you hugs, thoughts, love. x

wjones7412 said...

I like the linebacker makeup. (from the tape) Makes Henry look particularly tough.


Peggy said...

Hi Sean, Meade and little Henry,

We just wanted to leave a note to tell you that you and your family are in our hearts and thoughts.

Ryan and Peggy Bergin (friend of Ross and Sarah)

Erica said...

Hi Sean and Meade,
I didn't know about this whole fiasco until today because I've been drowning in final exams, but I just got the link to this blog. I want you two to know that I'm thinking about you and Henry and hoping for the best. Brain damage or not, Henry is an adorable baby and I'm sure he will be very loved. I'm looking forward to meeting him sometime in the near future.