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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 21

Today was crazy.  We received instruction in speech therapy, occupational therapy, and how to use the home monitoring equipment.  We also met with Henry's neurologist and opthamologist, the discharge coordinator, and our social worker.  Meade, Henry, and I were zonked by the end of the day.  

The opthamologist informed us that Henry has some hemorrhaging in the back of his eyes, including on the fovea of his left eye.  The hemorrhaging will likely resolve itself, but it may leave behind some scarring that would interfere with normal vision.  This condition hasn't made it to the top of our list of worries, but we have a followup appointment scheduled for next week.  

Henry is coming home tomorrow!  We are thrilled that this is finally happening.  We hope to quickly achieve some element of normalcy and routine.  The Evanston Hospital, while nice, will not be missed.  The staff at the hospital has been working closely with us to ensure that we are ready for this moment.  I speak for both of us when I say that we are prepared to manage his feeding tube and the scheduling of healthcare professionals.  

More than anything, we want to feel like parents and act like a family.  We will finally have this opportunity on Henry's three-week birthday.



Angela said...

Hooray, Henry is going home! I am so incredibly happy and excited for your family! Love to all of you...

Susan said...

I hope the transition to home is as smooth as possible. It might be a little scary having him by yourselves, but I know you guys will do great with him. Good luck, and thanks again for all the updates. This blog is wonderful!


Leigh said...

Hi Meade! My mom just sent me a link to your blog. I'm so glad that you guys can bring Henry home. Good luck--we'll all be thinking about you.


William said...

You must be so happy to be home. I bet you can't wait to settle in all together.

luan-zoellner said...

Henry is coming home!
Bill and I are thrilled that you're able to bring Henry home today. I bet you can't wait to settle in and snuggle with your little guy whenever you want. I'll be thinking about you and wishing you all the best.

PenJames said...

Thinking of you all today with the big move!

Marti said...

Meade and Sean,

I'm a friend of Peg Thomas. I have been reading your Henry blog every day. My niece, Courtney, has rather severe brain damage from a recent cardiac arrest so I am somewhat familiar with what you're going through. They didn't give Courtney much hope at first, but today (a year later), she is considered a miracle case. She working toward becoming independent (she's 24). My main message for you all is to never, never give up hope. There are so many, many amazing stories of brain injury recoveries. I'm so glad you started this blog. Courtney's blog kept us all going. I'm sure you and your family will find it extremely comforting.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and little Henry. Best of luck with him at home. Take care of yourselves and have a great Christmas with your new baby.

Marti de Anguera (in Phoenix, AZ)