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Saturday, December 20, 2008

December 20, '08

Hi all, Meade here.  This will be quick, Sean will post pictures later.  Sorry we have been neglecting the blog the last couple days.  Turns out we're on call 24/7 now that we're home.

We are all so glad to be home!  We are figuring out our routines - and Sean & I are trying to sneak in sleep when we can.  It feels great to be in our own house.

Hank had his first pediatrician appointment yesterday, so he got to experience his first true Chicago snowstorm, also.  He is already 9lb 15oz!  Guess milk really does do the body good.  His doctor gave him a good report; we will go back to see her next Tuesday & then every week for a few weeks so she can get to know him well.

My aunt Jenny is here to help out and hang out for a few days, which is really nice.  She is doing laundry & learning about feeding tubes & cloth diapers - and keeping us company.

I'm sure there is more to report - look for Sean's post later on today.  Just didn't want to ignore our readers too much longer!

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PenJames said...

Great to hear from you Meade! And glad to hear you sounding so cheerful. It must be wonderful to be back home again. Px