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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day 19

We had a quiet day at the hospital in preparation for a busy week.  Friends Eric and Christina Mai brought us lunch.  

Henry passed his car seat test:


He had a lot of fun at bath time:



Big Don learned how to insert his feeding tube, giving us another chance to see his face without tape:


We still appear to be on target for bringing Henry home on Wednesday.  This requires that within the next two days we meet with his various therapists, receive apnea monitor and CPR training, obtain all of the supplies that we'll need in order to feed him at home, meet with the neurologist, setup an appointment with his pediatrician, and go through the discharge process at the Infant Special Care Unit.  We'll be busy.

In the meantime, Henry continues to be more alert and gain better control of his head movements.  Tummy time is yielding huge gains.  We'll probably get him the perfect pushup for his first Christmas.  He is also learning all of the words to "Hole in the Bucket."  

Here are some other photos from today:








Marcy said...
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Marcy said...

I'm so happy to hear he is going home soon. Give Hank Hugs for me. Good luck with the transition.

William said...

So cumfy in the car seat. What a little angel!


Julie/Mom said...

I have just learned of this blog from my sister, Marti. I am so sorry to hear of Henry's plight but thrilled he is doing as well as he is! It is a tough road for you and your family but positive thinking, support and all that goes along with that are the most important thing. I know from first hand experience. My 24 yr. old daughter suffered a cardiac arrest and subsequent brain damage last year. It has been one long, slow road for her and us but the support from your circle of family/friends will help get you through. My daughter has come miles from what the doctors originally told us. Being young is the most help for Henry. You'll be amazed at the progress he'll be making. You all and especially Henry will be in my nightly prayers. Bless you all.