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Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 10

Today was a peaceful day at the hospital.  We welcomed a few visitors and spent some quality time with Henry.  Henry got a boost to his milk intake and was examined by the speech pathologist once again.  His gag reflex is still not strong enough to introduce him to the joys of feeding through the mouth.  As far as we know, all of his other facilities are functioning properly.  He is easy to wake and put back to sleep, and he began using his hands a lot more today.  When we first saw him this morning, he was using the fingers on his left hand to feel the splint that is on his right arm.  

His near-term treatment is focusing on getting him onto a 100% Meade milk diet and encouraging his gag reflex.  If we achieve the first goal without the second, we'll probably bring him home with a feeding tube.  

Henry is really good at transitioning smoothly between being awake and asleep.  Some of this may be due to his seizure medicine, but we're hopeful that this is something that will continue.  

Some of Henry's visitors





Champion sleeper






Henry and Meade





amyblue64 said...

Dear Meade and Sean!

I'm late, not only to the news of Henry's challenges, but also to the fact that you were even expecting your sweet little baby boy!

I'm so heartened to come here on day 10 to find that Henry's condition is much improved since his arrival! All updates sound incredibly promising and I'm sure you'll have him home in no time!!

You all look like you're holding up wonderfully and are simply overjoyed to have your beautiful boy, as I am for you!!

I'll be "looking" in frequently and sending a steady flow of love from here, in California!!

Henry is an absolute darling! Congratulations on your brand new family!!

With much love,


William said...

Meade and Sean,
Sounds like your big guy is making good progress. Please keep posting pictures and updates. I really look forward to seeing Henry every day.