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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

This summer is flying by at an alarming rate. Given how hot that past few weeks have been, this is not entirely a bad thing. Of course, Henry is not bothered by the hot weather in the least. He loves to be outside in the sun, and he is fascinated by the transition from indoors to outdoors and back again. Each time the light and temperature change as we cross a threshold, his jaw drops in amazement, and he swivels his head from side to side.

Henry had an appointment with his pediatrician at the beginning of June. Although his height had shot up substantially to 35 inches, his weight had only moderately increased to about 27 and a half pounds. His doctor assured us that we were not starving him, but told us that we should add calories to his diet. We switched his morning banana for oatmeal (with butter and yogurt), started adding a little olive oil to his veggies, and added a mid-morning snack. We (OK, it was mostly his dad) might have been a little ambitious, because he gained 3 and a half pounds in the following six weeks. He certainly looks like a sturdy little boy now, and I think we have found a happy medium with his diet lest we soon find ourselves unable to lift him.

Last week, we had his hips X-Rayed at RIC. We were elated to discover that the head of his femur is now in its proper position within his hip joint. Our standing practice is paying off. His botox treatment is wearing off (as expected), so he will receive another in early August.

After a seizure-free 5 months, Henry did have a short seizure last week. Given his rapid weight growth without an accompanying dose increase of his seizure medicine, this was not entirely surprising. We have increased his medicine and have not witnessed another seizure since.

Henry loves the hot fudge sundaes at Margie's Candies, and so do his cousins:



For those of you curious about what goes on during Henry's physical therapy with Carol:



We took Henry to the Cancer Survivors' Walk. Although he didn't do much walking, he did get to ride a trolley and meet Willie the Wildcat:




Henry had a great time at the Red Baraat concert:


Can you believe we went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens and forgot to bring our camera with us into the park? So, here we are eating a snack in the parking lot:


We met Meade's friend Beth, her husband Chris, and adorable daughter Stella for breakfast one morning:


Of course, Henry has had lots of visitors. We have missed taking pictures of a few of them, so apologies to anyone who feels left out. You'll just have to come visit us again.

Meade and Henry had a great time with Dana and her daughter Zola, Elaine and her son Will, and Erika (no pressure...):



Several of my colleagues from Northwestern live close by. We hosted dinner one evening for the Uptown/Andersonville crew:


And of course Henry always has a great time with his pal Owen:


Henry continues to dislike being strapped into his chair or carseat. However, sometimes he is simply too tired to struggle. Here is Henry asleep in his carseat with one of his favorite toys:


That's all for now. We hope to hear from or see you soon.