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Sunday, May 30, 2010

1.5 years young

We have been very busy since our last post. I know that we are overdue, so I will try to make it worth the wait.

Henry has had a couple of good reports from specialists. In early May, Henry and Meade spent the night at Evanston Hospital so that he could have an all-night EEG. This test was scheduled because we witnessed some movements that were suspicious, but we could not determine whether or not they were seizures. Our neurologist wanted to monitor Henry overnight because the transition periods between wake and sleep are the most common times for seizure activity. The test showed no seizures, so we were quite pleased with that. Here is a picture of Henry with his leads attached and his head wrapped in bandages:


Henry also had a follow-up appointment to check for the state of his left hip after his Botox injection. The X-ray showed slight improvement in the position of his left femur, so we are pleased with that progress. In early July, he will have another X-ray followed by a repeat Botox injection. Botox only lasts for a couple of months, so we will continue this course of periodic injections and X-rays until either his hip forms normally, or we are forced to have surgery.

To help correct his hip issue as well as to further develop his head control, we have been using a piece of equipment called a "gait trainer." Although a gait trainer is typically used for the development of walking, we can lock the wheels on Henry's and use it as a stander. As shown in the following pictures, he usually enjoys time spent in his stander:




Of course, we also continue to spend much time practicing sitting:




Henry has had a couple of very important visitors this month. His Nanna came in from Pennsylvania to spend a few days with us. We forgot to snap many pictures, but we did get at least a couple:



Kate came to visit us from Montana:


When Henry is concentrating, he cannot be bothered with trivial tasks such as swallowing his saliva. Therefore, he has developed a reputation as a prolific drooler:


Henry has great hair. It is increasingly becoming little boy hair instead of baby hair. It looks best right out of the shower:



And finally, a shameless plug... I am raising money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Illinois by bicycling 175 miles on June 12 and 13. If you would like to contribute to my ride, please visit my fundraising website here.