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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 22

Henry is home!  


We spent the morning at the hospital meeting with the neurologist, finalizing the details of Henry's discharge, and saying goodbye to many friends at Evanston Hospital.  During our three weeks in the Infant Special Care Unit, we came to put our trust in more than two dozen nurses in addition to the doctors, therapists, counselors, and concierges.  As happy as we were to bring Hank home, we had a few teary goodbyes.  Meade and I would like to send good luck to the wonderful residents from Children's Memorial Hospital as they finish their rotation with the ISCU, and we would like to thank the nursing staff for their care and compassion.  We were sent away with a few lovely gifts that will remind us of the wonderful people at Evanston Hospital.  

Some of our friends from Evanston Hospital:




We arrived at home around 2 PM and immediately began our routine.  We switched Henry to cloth diapers (with a few hijinks), and, thanks to help from Gramma Judy, we have sorted and stored all of Henry's medical supplies.  We have a feeding area, a changing area, and a sleeping area.  Normalcy, here we come.  

Tomorrow, we are meeting with a coordinator from Child and Family Connections.  A home nurse will also be stopping by to make sure that things are going OK for us.  Both of these appointments will be at our home, so we intend to revel in the luxury of not driving.  

Since Hank is now safe and sound at home with us, we may not be updating the blog on a daily basis.  If you click "follow this blog" at the bottom of this page, you can follow the instructions to be notified anytime that we post a new update.  I most likely will post again tomorrow.  
From our last day at the hospital


Ready to go


Finally home








PenJames said...

Hooray! I am thrilled he's home at last. You all look so relieved :) All the best for your first night together, little family!

RandomMan764 said...

Great news guys!!! Good luck adjusting to life at home with a little one.

Mary said...

Such sweet pictures!! I am so glad he is home and that so far things are going well! I'm familiar with Child and Family Connections thanks to Maggie's therapy and I was always impressed by the therapists that work with them. It's especially nice that they come to you!

Marcy said...

Happy parenting!
It will be a hard road but hopefully a good one full of many happy moments together. Hugs for the little man!

Kellie said...

Sean and Meade-

This is so wonderful that you are keeping a blog of Henry's growth and what obstacles he is overcoming. I am starting my own blog for my twin boys (age 5) who have been diagnosed with autism.

I commend you for your strength and your love for Henry. It takes a special kind of person to be blessed with such a wonderful lil one as Henry. Be encouraged that your hard work will not be in vain. Keep on trying and never take NO for an answer.

God Bless!