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Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 17

Today Henry enjoyed the last day of his Nanna and Pap's visit.  He'll miss them terribly, but we're already beginning to plan the next trip.  

The physical therapist began teaching us how to work with Henry to develop and maintain good muscle tone.  He has already begun his tummy time regimen, and we expect that he'll be doing pushups (regular and diamond) soon.  

Much of today was spent continuing our preparations for bringing him home.    We spoke to pediatricians, therapists, our neurologist, a social worker, and an insurance administrator in addition to our continued work with Henry's nurses to learn how to care for him properly.  

Henry is continuing to improve his sucking and the use of his neck and hands.  

A few photos from today:








Jared said...

From the looks of the last picture, I think babyface Henry Louis is ready to start his MMA training. He's definitely one tough little guy...

Steele Blog said...

He is such a sweet baby. I am glad to hear you all will likely be taking him home on Wednesday. We are praying for you all. We look forward to speaking with you when you feel up to it and have the time.

William said...

maybe its just me, but Henry really looks like he's about to say something he really thinks is important.

Thinking of you guys!