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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We took Henry to the Chicago Lighthouse this past Monday for a thorough evaluation of his eyes and vision.  Because Henry cannot tell us what he sees, the eye doctor showed various objects to him while observing his responses.  Henry performed for the doctor as he usually does for us: occasionally tracking objects back forth, never tracking them up and down.  One test he was able to do repeatedly demonstrated that he has at least 20/400 vision.  

Basically, the tests of his vision simply confirmed what Meade and I have known for quite some time – he sees, but not well.  This doctor's inspection of his eyes led her to agree with our ophthalmologist that Henry is very near sighted.  We ordered glasses for him.  These should arrive within two weeks.  

The glasses should help his vision, but we do not know to what extent.  The glasses will enable his eyes to provide a sharp image, but that image needs to be transported by his optic nerves and interpreted by his brain.  The facility of the nerves and brain is not yet known.  Our hope is that the glasses will improve his vision and that improved vision will increase his motivation to control his head and observe his world.

Here are a couple of pictures of Henry with his cousins:



Here is Henry all dressed up for Wesley and Natalie's wedding:


And here he is all dressed to go outside and enjoy the Spring weather:


Henry's friend Hilary came to visit, but Henry was napping:


Finally, here is Henry with some of his many adult friends:





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