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Saturday, March 21, 2009

EEG #7

Our last post was much too long ago, so I will do my best to fill in the gaps and post lots of pictures.  

Henry's seventh EEG showed no seizures.  Although this was fantastic news, the fact that we had witnessed six seizures in the hours leading up to the test tainted any sense of relief.  We did not witness any seizures during the EEG, and our neurologist assured us that the coalescence of electrographic and observed seizures is a positive sign, albeit a nerve-racking one.  We increased the dose of his seizure medicine (Keppra) by 25%, and we have not seen a seizure since.  Henry will likely be on this medicine until at least his first birthday.  

Henry continues to receive frequent therapy and checkups.  He weighed 15 pounds 3 ounces at his pediatric appointment last Friday, and he is 27.5 inches long.  This puts him in the 99% for length.  He is about to grow out of his carseat!  His head circumference is in the 25%, so our concern about that has diminished greatly.  (It had previously measured in the 5%.)  

Henry is now breastfeeding for every meal.  We are making arrangements to return/donate all of our tube-feeding supplies!  

Henry's next major appointment is March 30 with the Chicago Lighthouse.  Henry may soon be donning spectacles.

Although he doesn't quite grin ear-to-ear, Henry does reward us with occasional half smiles.


With a little help, he will sometimes suck his own thumb, giving our fingers a much-needed break.



Here are some pics from playtime:











And some shots from nap time:



And here are some of Henry's visitors:






PenJames said...

Thanks for the update! He is still such a handsome boy - love the photos with you two. We are still thinking of you and checking in regularly. Love to all of you x

Kate said...

Henry's getting so big!!! Thanks for the update, and photos ; ) I'm glad to hear the increased meds are helping. And, the breastfeeding news is great to hear, too. Please give Hank lots of cuddles & smooches for me. I miss you guys! xoxoxo

Angela said...

Such terrific news!! Meade, you are doing a great job feeding him-- it looks like he is getting some nice rolls on his arms. I loved these pictures and can't wait to see you guys again... We plan to come out and see you all in April. Hugs, Angela

Will said...

That picture of Sean and Henry facing each other is amazing.

Great news. I'm so happy for how well things are going.

Kicki said...

Great News! Lovely pictures.

Will said...

Miss you guys too much!!!