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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Super Bowl, etc...

Henry has had two major projects since our last post.  First, he cheered the Steelers to victory at the Super Bowl:

More importantly, he has been making great strides in eating orally.  As he adjusts to his new seizure medication, he occasionally has extended sleep periods.  We sometimes decide to use his NG tube to feed him during one of these mega-naps just to make sure that he is getting enough calories to sustain his growth.  Otherwise, he is becoming expert at both bottle and breast.  

Although he is still fairly floppy through his torso, he is gaining strength through his neck and shoulders.  He is becoming increasingly adept at picking up his head during tummy time, and he even lifts his shoulders off of the floor at times.  We are also noticing that his visual tracking is improving, and he occasionally reaches out for objects that pique his interest.  

We believe that we are seeing the beginning of a smile after a big meal.  I'll try to capture a few of these for our next post.  We still are waiting for him to begin to imitate us in any way.

We have found two things that Henry loves:  sucking on our fingers and poetry.  Whether it's Dr. Seuss or Coleridge, Henry loves to hear us read or recite verse.  

Henry's Aunt Cara and Uncle Joey visited him this weekend.  Here are some pictures of their visit which included Henry's first trips to Millenium Park and Margie's Candies:







Henry has yet another busy week.  He has a weigh-in appointment and occupational therapy on Monday, physical therapist on Tuesday, and an appointment at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago with a physiatrist on Thursday.  He has a formal pediatric appointment on Friday.  

Henry entertained many guests since our last post:










PenJames said...

Wonderful wonderful news about the feeding, particularly the breastfeeding. Go Henry! He is getting so big (and even more gorgeous). Keep up that reading - I'm sure he's taking it all in and you never know what other benefits it may have. Thanks for the regular updates. We still think of you all often x

wjones7412 said...

Glad to hear about the progress. And that Henry helped win the superbowl.