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Sunday, February 22, 2009

EEG #6

In the days leading up to Henry's sixth EEG, he became increasingly disinterested in eating. We were disappointed to have to reinsert the feeding tube after not using it for five days. Then, just as we were getting used to seeing Henry with the feeding tube again, he had a brief seizure, the first we have seen since Christmas Day. It only lasted about five seconds, but we were nevertheless concerned. Fortunately, his EEG and appointment with the neurologist were already scheduled for the following day.

This EEG was much improved over number five. During a two-hour observation period, he had six seizures in the left hemisphere of his brain and none in the right. Although it was not the best possible news (seizure free), our neurologist was encouraged by his progress and the efficacy of the new medicine.

Our neurologist also had an explanation for his disinterest in eating: too much medicine. He was simply too dopey to eat. We have begun to wean him of phenobarbital, something we have been wanting to do for a long time. Henry should be phenobarb-free in about a week and a half. In the few days since we reduced his dose, he has regained much of his interest in eating and is becoming increasingly vocal. We have even seen a few pouts.

We decided to take a few pictures at Henry's EEG.  First, they put wires all over his scalp.  Each gauze patch on Henry's head has a single wire lead and a big glob of paste under it.


The wires connect to a punch-down board that has a silhouette of an arial view of a head on it.



To hold everything in place, they wrap his head in a bandage.  As you can see, he sleeps through the test.


Many people have complimented Henry on his eyelashes.  They are long.


Very long.


Henry gets plenty of tummy time.



Here are some other photos of Henry and his friends:












Mary said...

It was such a pleasure to meet Henry last week, and to see his parents again too, of course. I'm so glad to hear the positive news and that you can wean him off some of his meds! Hooray! And hooray for eating again too!

Kate said...

The picture of Henry's sweet eyelashes made me smile! His tummy time strength is great to see. The EEG pictures look a bit like weird science, but heck, I've had a few of those tests myself and know that's the way it is. I'm glad for the med-weaning and look forward to hearing more stories! Lots of hugs and smooches to Hank!


wjones7412 said...

wow, the EEG pictures look like george clinton.