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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Moving along

Henry has had an eventful week.  On Friday, he gave us three short, loud baby shouts of "AAAA!"  We have heard these from him on only two other occasions.  This was the first time that we heard multiples.  Now, if we can only figure out what they mean...

We started letting Henry taste milk by dipping our fingers in it and letting him suck while he is feeding.  He loves the taste of milk.  Not only are we glad to be able to give him something that he enjoys, but it also seems to be an indicator that he is ready for oral feeds.  We have a feeding appointment on Monday with the speech pathologist that worked with Henry in the hospital.  We're still waiting for the CFC visits to start.  

Today, Henry was following his squeaky moose toy with his head (not just his eyes) in both directions.  We have to move slowly and restart the process a few times, but we're excited about this new development.  

Also coming up on Monday, we're meeting with a Feldenkrais practitioner to learn some new exercises for building Henry's skeletal support and development of his coordination.  

Here are some pics:







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Angela said...

Such bright eyes!
Beautiful pictures, and I'm so happy to hear the latest news.