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Monday, January 12, 2009

Another big day

After sleeping until 4 AM, Henry was ready for a big day.  He got one.

Henry met with his original speech pathologist, and she was quite impressed with his progress. Not only is his sucking much improved, but he is now clearly gagging!  She put some drops of water in his mouth, and he was able to swallow them without choking or coughing. The next step towards eating is for him to have a video swallow. We have one scheduled for Wednesday, January 21, at the Evanston Hospital.  Hopefully, we'll soon be on our way to oral feeds!

The CFC program has located three therapists for Henry, and it appears that his sessions will begin next week.  His occupational therapist has 30 years of experience, is a specialist in children with brain injuries, and is certified in sensory integration.  He also has a physical therapist and a speech pathologist who is a feeding specialist.  We have not yet spoken to those two, but they come highly recommended from the evaluation team.  

Later in the afternoon, from a practitioner of Child'Space, we learned some new ways to play with Henry while teaching him about his body.  

Later this week, Henry is headed to the pediatrician and to a follow-up appointment with the opthamologist.  At the latter appointment, we'll be checking up on the healing of the hemorrhage on his left fovea.  

In other good news, our friend Kate is visiting from Montana:




wjones7412 said...

I'm glad that everything is coming along! He looks too cute.

teefus said...

hey sean and meade its is yvette mohill. meade should know who i am. we got hank a gift and would like to bring it by to give it to him. email at
to tell of a good time.