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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 5

We spent much of today sharing the good news of our MRI result with friends and family in person and on the phone.  Of course, we also got to spend quality time with our beloved Hank.  Although we know that Henry still has a long way to go, Meade and I are both feeling relief and elation that his chances of having a healthy childhood appear to be very high.  

Once again, we had many visitors.  Many thanks to the Doyles for sending Angela with an armload of tasty and nutritious food.  We were also delighted to see Susie and the other Sean who stopped by en route from Bloomington, IL, to their home in Colorado just to see Hank.  

As Hank's medication levels drop, we are seeing increasing activity from him.  We each spent time holding him and offering him a finger to suck.  His sucking is probably not strong enough for a bottle, but it is another step in the right direction.  It will be stronger tomorrow.

They removed the cannula today, so he is breathing without any assistance at all.  This also means that we can see more of his beautiful face.  His vital signs were strong all day – no alarm bells!  

Some of today's visitors






Holding Henry







The chin






PenJames said...

Meade & Sean, we are so thrilled and relieved that Henry seems to be making such wonderful progress. Keep it up, little guy! Thank you for keeping us so well informed - we think of you all constantly and it's so good to have these regular updates. May Day 6 bring even more miracles. Px

wjones7412 said...

I can't wait to meet henry. He looks so beautiful.


Nilsa said...

Look at that cleft chin. So adorable! I've been following along with the blog updates. And I'm hopeful Hank's recovery continues to progress in the right direction!

Marcy said...

We are happy to hear he is doing so well. We hope the best recovery for baby Hank. Hope to see him soon.
Mia says "Hi Hank"

crampton phillips said...

Meade & Sean,

What a GREAT CHIN!!! Where did that come from??

Talked to Judy last night...and have been following the blog. So glad about the current news! Have sent the link to sibs and am updating Ada & Art via phone. Hope to visit you guys sometime later in the week.

Our love and thoughts are with the three of you,

Cindy, Russell, Sara & Julia

RobJ said...

Thanks so much for setting this site up and keeping the wonderful developments and photos coming. We can't wait to meet Hank in person, but until then, we definitely feel like we're already getting to know him. That chin is adorable!

Sending lots of love and sunshine from Southern California!

Rob & Paul

RandomMan764 said...

He looks very content and healthy! We are so glad he is improving so quickly. We wish we could be there for support but are definitely sending good thoughts your way.

Colleen Mike and kids