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Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 2

Today, Henry began breathing on his own. He had been progressing well throughout the night, and they removed the breathing tube this morning. His seizures continue but seem to be less frequent and less severe. He is receiving great, attentive care from a wonderful, dedicated staff. Once his seizures are under control, he'll be getting an MRI.  We're looking for that to happen on Friday or Saturday.  Meade and I are holding up well.  

Here are some more pictures from Henry's second day:



crampton phillips said...

Dear Sean and Meade,

Henry is beautiful! We are so happy that he is breathing on his own. You both look like you are holding up well. We look forward to monitoring his progress. Our love and thoughts are with all three of you. Thank you so much for setting up Henry's blog.

Much love, Cindy, Russell, Julia and Sara

Lauren said...

Hi Meade, Sean and Henry! Thanks for the great photos and updates. Meade, he has your cute nose. I'm thinkng of you all the time these past two days and sending lots of love to all of you. xoxo,Lauren