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Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to the year 2010!

Much has happened since our last post. We had a peaceful Christmas here in Chicago, and Meade and I attended a wedding in Connecticut while Henry stayed at Big Don and Gramma Judy's.

The ABR Henry was supposed to have in December was canceled because he had some fluid in his left ear. This eventually led to his first ear infection and several sleepless nights, but he was able to get over that with the help of some antibiotics. Although the fluid persists, the ABR has been rescheduled for January 28. If the fluid is present on the morning of the procedure, we will have it addressed by an ear, nose and throat doctor and proceed with the test.

In early January, a checkup with Henry's neurosurgeon revealed that his shunt was not functioning correctly. He had surgery (known as a "shunt revision") to determine and address the cause of the failure. The surgeon discovered that the catheter into his ventricle was partially obstructed. He replaced the catheter, and a subsequent MRI indicated that the shunt is once again draining properly.

Henry is extremely lucky to have recently added massage therapy to his list of weekly appointments. He really enjoys Melissa's visits, as do Meade and I.

Here are some Christmas pictures:

Henry and Dad by the tree.


Playing dinosaurs with Charlie and Harry.


Christmas Eve with Lisa and DC...


and Natalie.


As usual, we have had some visitors.

Baby wrangling with Henry and Hilary.


Cousin Michele from North Carolina stopped by for dinner.


Jemmie, Christine, and James spent a weekend with us.


Henry's surgery was postponed by 8 hours, so we spent a lot of time waiting in the hospital.




The morning after the surgery, it was time to play with beads!




The first surgery left Henry with a small, tidy scar. The revision, on the other hand...


Don't worry it looks much better now. I'd take a picture of it, but he's asleep.

Henry and Meade spent a couple of days in Door County. Here he is taking a bottle from Diana.


Henry can't wait to get to Montana one day.


Finally, here is Henry working with his developmental vision therapist. She brought a vintage toy (1995) that he found quite interesting.


ilipilli said...

Still reading... still thinking of you all daily and enjoying the New Year pictures on our fridge. He is growing up! A little boy now, not a baby. Still as cute as ever. Love to you all xx

Kate said...

I'm glad to hear that Meade & Henry had a Wisconsin getaway after your brave boy's hospital visit. I hope that the massage therapist is working on you and Meade, too! Big hugs. xoxoxo

wjones7412 said...

So debonair in your bathrobe. I thought it was a smoking jacket until I scrolled down.

I hope the procedure on the 28th went well!

Keep us up to date. Miss you guys so much.