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Sunday, September 6, 2009

End of summer

Summer is coming to a close. Henry loves to be outdoors, so we have greatly enjoyed the mild weather in Chicago throughout this season.


Henry is using his vision a lot more. He is becoming increasingly interested in faces, but his favorite objects to look at are trees.


We recently discovered that his glasses prescription needs to be significantly increased. Once we receive his new glasses, his world will be all the more clear. This picture shows Henry with his developmental vision therapist playing with the lightbox.


Unfortunately, Henry's seizures seem to be returning. We have gone through several rounds of increasing his seizure medicine, observing a seizure a week later, and increasing the dosage yet again. We still have a few dose increases of his current medicine before we hit the maximum safe amount, but each increase is an indication that we may need to choose a different seizure medicine to keep his seizures under control.

We finally found something Henry enjoys that does not involve someone holding him. Here is a video of him playing with a mobile that was given to us by our friends Bryan and Adele. He not only watches the hanging animals drift by, but he attempts to grab them.

Our friends Peter, Sarah, and Ian spent a weekend with us in August.


We had a lot of fun playing on the slip-n-slide with the cousins.


We have had many other visitors this summer.

Carol visited from Michigan.


Jess dropped in from San Francisco.


Mark braved the journey from the wilds of Elgin.


Molly came from LA.


Bobby stopped over on his way from Vermont to Vancouver.


Mom spent a week with us. We all greatly appreciated her help and company.



Henry is pleased to have a new baby girl cousin, Holloway (Holly). As you can see, she was cute from day one.



Our friends Mike, Angela, Isabella, and Will are moving to Minneapolis later this month. We will miss them terribly. We had a fun excursion with them to the Morton Arboretum.


Here are some random pictures of a Happy Hank.






Finally, here is a shot of Henry getting clean with his cousins.



P said...

He just gets more gorgeous every month! Hope everything is OK with the seizures. Still checking in regularly and thinking of you all lots xx

Adele and Bryan said...

What a great update! He is truly adorable and getting even more so by the day!!! Wishing all the best for getting the seizures under control. And great haircut, Meade!

wjones7412 said...

Henry looks so much bigger already! Wow. Sorry to hear about the seizures. I hope the medication starts to work better.
please keep us all updated.
Always thinking of you guys!