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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Home again

We were discharged from the hospital around noon on Saturday, possibly a record for the earliest anyone has ever been discharged from a hospital.  Before we left, Hank had a fast MRI in order to get a baseline image for future comparisons.  We have not yet seen those images, but we do not expect any real change so soon.  One of the residents had to reset Henry's shunt after the MRI.  

Since leaving the hospital, we have been hanging out at home recovering from an eventful few days and attempting to get Henry back into a normal sleep/wake schedule.  

Here are some pictures of Henry that we have taken over the past few days:

Last weekend, we took Henry for his first swim.  He will have to wait a few days for his stitches to heal before going again.  He seemed to enjoy being in the water.


We arrived at the hospital bright and early on Friday to prepare for the surgery.


Henry's head before the surgery...


...and after the surgery.  The blue on his head and ear is from a specialized device (called a "ball point pen") used for denoting which side of the head will receive the shunt.  The orange stain is disinfectant.  The stitches do not need to be removed, but we do need to keep them dry for a few days.  The valve sits under the scalp just below the cut.  It does not show well in this picture.


He has a matching scar on his tummy.  This one has a thin artificial skin covering it.  Surprisingly, it does not seem to cause him any discomfort at all.


Here are some pictures of Henry sleeping soundly after the surgery.






Finally, he awoke enough to take a bottle.


Henry looked adorable as we prepare to leave the hospital.



Angela said...

I am so happy you are all home and resting. What a little trouper. I was amazed to see these latest pictures of him in your arms. He has grown so much and is even more adorable. I hope recovery is quick and you all are back to your regular routines soon!

Adele and Bryan said...

We are so relieved that all went smoothly and y'all are able to be together again. We will be watching for more updates and wishing the best for a speedy recovery! All our love......

P said...

So glad the surgery went smoothly. How brave and strong you all are. Keep us posted through the recovery. Love from all of us, PJLI x